Alex Balinski (founder of shares the one question every RM should ask themselves

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A few weeks ago, I sat down in Alex Balinski’s home and met his amazing wife and adorable two children.

He couldn’t have been kinder as he let me pick his brain.


Alex is the founder of a site called, a website that provides information for pre-missionaries about their missions. He has a page for every mission (approximately 400 pages!) that include their respective mission addresses and phone numbers, maps, missionary blogs, and Facebook groups.


But, one of the site’s coolest features is the interviews that he does with returned missionaries about their missions! He has conducted over 530 interviews!

Here are a few examples!

It’s no doubt that Alex’s site has helped both pre-missionaries and returned missionaries in directing their focus toward God.

We asked Alex how came to be!

“I was super stressed about choosing a major,” he said.  “It was 2006. And, I felt really strongly like I needed to look into Broadcast Journalism. So, I took the prerequisites and got a bunch of ideas for different video resources that didn’t exist.

“Over time, I felt like there really was a video resource that I needed to provide.  I also knew that it had something to do with missionary work, but I wasn’t sure of the specifics.

“So, I went on a mission and came home. And, it was about two weeks before the age change that my wife and I decided that we needed to give this mission video idea a ‘go!’


“I quit my job to work on the project full time, and two days later, we were offered free rent! A ton of other people offered to help us in ways that allowed us to work on PrepareToServe.”

After his hundreds of interviews, Balinski said, “The most common trend I see in the returned missionaries I interview is that they don’t have a clear goal or vision or who they want to become. Usually,” he continued, “pre-missionaries will say that they are going to figure out what they want to do with their life while on their missions, but it’s pretty rare that that actually ends up happening.”

“So, we find RMs on middle ground a lot. But, there isn’t any reason why we can’t have the same amount of purpose after our missions that we had on our missions!”

“Life isn’t segmented into different purposes. It all should be centered around doing God’s will.”

Then, #thankyouAlex, he provides us with this awesome nugget of wisdom: “We just have to answer this question for ourselves:  ‘What can I do with my life, talents, and abilities that would bless the largest amount of people?’

“Then,” he counsels, “life will become more and more clear as you explore that answer and walk forward.”

(Check out here!)

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